Brand Licensing


Broker and connect new business opportunities

for IP owners, Licensees and Investors across

International markets with Introducer or Full-Service

Licensing Agent model

BIG PICTURE LICENSING can work as a full-service Licensing Agent, and we have also identified a new ‘Skinny Agent’ model and way of working for both Licensors and Licensees.  Under an Introducer or ''Skinny Agent' model, BPL can broker incremental  new business opportunities for Licensors & Licensees for a reduced Agent % fee.  The model is a new way of working for Licensors that enables BPL to complement their existing territory representation footprint.  

With an Introducer Agent model, BPL can act as an additional ‘Plug & Play’ resource for Licensors to identify and secure new deals across single or multi-territory markets with a focus on non-traditional product categories.  These categories incl. FMCG, Promotions & Technology products for companies who are generally new to the licensing industry.  The key ethos is to identify new Licensees & products that will not conflict with existing Licensor partners on a local or multi-territory level.  The Licensees may come from the Emerging Markets regions and need support and advice on how to find and license the best property for their products.  The key point is they need to deliver incremental revenue for Licensors...

The model is completely non-exclusive and the Licensor has full control over the whole process via a simple TWO-STEP approval process;


BIG PICTURE LICENSING identifies a potential new revenue opportunity for a Licensor, submits the top-line deal terms incl. Territory and Products only for approval in principle by the Licensor - this is non-binding on the Licensor.


If the Licensor approves step one in principle then BPL negotiates deal terms with prospective Licensee and then submits a full proposal / Deal-Memo for Licensor approval.  If Licensor approves step two, then BPL manages the contract process to signature & MG payment point.  After this stage the Licensee is effectively a direct client.

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Robert Schuller