Brand Licensing


BPL can support with LBE connections to broker deals between IP owners and new commercial opportunities around the World and help secure the right brand for your territory and experiential business model

BIG PICTURE LICENSING believes that when a consumer can interact and fully immerse themselves with a brand in the physical world, in a Location Based Experience (LBE), that is beyond traditional consumer products and is an actual experience in itself, that it opens a unique emotional connection between brand and consumer.  Consumers want meaning and feeling as well as a sense of belonging, especially for Millennials (1980-94) through Generation-Z (1995-2015) to Generation-Alpha (2015+), who value experiences above all else to create those magic memories and brand associations that will last a lifetime. 


BPL is working with Immersive Everywhere, a leading immersive theatrical production company behind the smash hits of The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street and BPL has affiliated links to Experiential partners across EMEA and APAC regions. 

All the world’s a stage - if you have the right brand!